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This course is a demonstration of how customers can receive an access to the classes. If you try to open any of the lessons (check below, in the “Learning Plan” section), access will be denied.

However, if you authorize using the following data:
Login: test_customer
Password: test
you will be able to open the first and the second classes; as for the third class, it will become available from the date specified.

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Class Venue

24 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014
Room 32

Very welcoming, good vibe and has great barbers.
Moved to the area and was very impressed.

Damiano Giammatteo

I have finally found my go-to barber after years of searching.
I have been to The Blacksmith Barber’s 3 times so far and
have had the best haircuts & overall experience.
Also good to see them looking after pensioners!

Daniel Armstrong

The barbers were amazing, and the professionalism and attention to detail were a cut above the rest.
My son wanted a certain cut and the guys there were very accommodating,
they had patience and they are very good at their profession.
I highly recommended them.

Chantel King

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