Why become a barber? Ten reasons, right here

Why should you think about training for a career in barbering? There are hundreds of reasons, but here are ten of the best. If they pique your interest, be assured that now is the time to act – we are living through barbering’s golden age. Get involved.

1. Work for yourself

If you’re turned on by the concept of getting emails from the boss at 4pm on a Friday that will make you miserable all weekend until you have to haul yourself out of bed on Monday morning with a gnawing feeling of dread and a rising sense of panic as you approach the office, you should work for someone else. The pay is regular, if, well, bad. You’ll know what hours are demanded of you, and there will be some extra ones thrown on top too. Not for extra money, you understand, just so that you can show the company how much you care.

If that doesn’t sound like your bag, good decision. There are few other trades that open up the possibility of being your own boss than barbering. Whether you want to be a one-man band or see yourself as the head honcho of a global empire, you just need this one set of skills to start the journey to where you want to be.

2. Unleash the artist within you

There’s way more to barbering than short-back-and-sides. You’ll work with people who want a million different styles, and lots of them will want your advice. From bankers to aspiring rock stars, you’ll get to work your magic every day.

3. All the people, so many people!

If you’re a people person then this is the career for you. You’ll meet people from every background, all with stories to tell. You’ll make friends and connections who will provide you with crucial word-of-mouth to grow your client-base and reputation. And the odd one that doesn’t want to talk? That’s cool, we all need a break.

4. Work anywhere

Barbering is a passport to the entire world. It’s a skill you can take everywhere. Tibetan monks need haircuts; so do French politicians and Californian tech-bros. Go take it to them!

5. Variety is the spice of life

No two people are the same. That means that no two hours are the same, let alone two days. This is a business where you never know who’s coming through the door. And you never know what they’ll want, or how they’ll want it. Start each day as an adventure and embrace the ride.

6. Money

Your outgoings are low. You set your own rates. You don’t need to sink a load of money into expensive stock. All you need is to do your thing and you’ve got a dream lifestyle – meeting cool people every day and banking the profits. What’s not to like?!

7. Build your brand

When you’re good at what you do, your reputation grows with every great review or recommendation. In time, you’ll become something of a local celebrity – and once you’re there, why stop at local?!

8. It’s always there

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done before. Whether you have a PhD in astrophysics or got kicked out of school for excessive talking in class, it doesn’t matter. You can always train as a barber. It’s not just a career, it’s a lifestyle, and it’s not important where you’re from. Where you’re going is what counts

9. You’ll be recession-proof!

The fact is, men will always need a haircut. Tall men, fat men, young men, old men. Even bald men. They all have one thing in common: the need for a haircut. No matter what’s going on in the economy, whether there’s a war on, whatever the weather’s doing, the one constant will be the need for your skills.

10. Pro-tip: the military

Get yourself a gig near an army barracks. Those guys need haircuts like nobody else. There’s a rumour that there’s some kind of rule about it!

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